United States: EB-5 Green Card Program: Minimum Investment Amount Expected to Increase in April 2017

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Jan 17

In brief

The EB-5 program is up for renewal in Congress this April. There is a significant likelihood that upon renewal the minimum investment amount will be increased from $500,000 to $1.3 million or more.


The EB-5 program allows individuals to obtain a green card (become a US permanent resident) by making an investment of $500,000 in a government designated project. The anticipated changes to the EB-5 program will likely affect individuals who apply after Congress renews the program in April of this year. However, most observers believe that the changes will not apply to those who submit their petitions before the April deadline.

In light of the proposed increase to the investment amount that may take effect this April, those seeking a green card through the EB-5 program should commence their case as soon as possible so that they can file their petition before April and thus obtain a green card by making an investment of $500,000 as opposed to $1.3 million.

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