Canada: Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program Re-Opens

Jan 18

In brief:
The Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program (“OINP”) announced today, January 18, 2018, that the federal government has increased Ontario’s 2018 allocation to a total of 6,600 nominations, and is once again accepting applications in most streams.

The increase of 600 nominations for a total of 6,600 nominations for 2018 follows the federal government’s recognition of the OINP’s past success, and its present and future importance to Ontario’s and Canada’s economy.

The OINP is currently accepting applications in the following streams:

  • Employer Job Offer: Foreign Worker Stream, International Student Stream, and In-Demand Skills Stream;
  • Ontario’s Express Entry: Human Capital Priorities Stream, French-Speaking Skilled Worker Stream, and Skilled Trades Stream;
  • Corporate Stream; and
  • Entrepreneur Stream.

The OINP advises all potential applicants to carefully review the recently updated OINP – Application Guides as processes may have changed since the coming into force of the new Ontario Immigration Act, 2015 (Bill 49).

The OINP will be monitoring the intake of applications for 2018, and once the intake limits have been reached, the OINP will provide an update. Programs are expected to pause and reopen until the nomination quota is reached, as was done in 2017. The OINP will also provide an update as soon as it begins accepting applications for the Masters Graduate and PhD Graduate Streams, respectively.

The reopening of the online application system, and the allocation increase of 600 nominations for a total of 6,600 for 2018, are both positive developments. This will help individuals and employers alike, as well as Ontario and the country as a whole, to advance our economy forward.

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