Service Canada imposes moratorium on LMOs for the Food Services sector

Posted by Vian Sulevani|Global Immigration
May 14

Effective immediately, a moratorium has been imposed on the issuance of Labour Market Opinions (LMO) for the food services sector, Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC) has released further information confirming all occupations and industries which are subject to this moratorium.  This not only includes certain occupations related to service and sales, but also occupations in service and sales management, such as Sales, Marketing and Advertising Managers; Retail Trade Managers; and Accommodation Service Managers.

ESDC has further advised that employers that have submitted applications for an occupation subject to the moratorium and paid the processing fee, but have not yet received an LMO, will be refunded the full processing fee.  Any unused LMOs that have been issued to employers for these sectors or occupations but for which a foreign national has not yet applied for a work permit will be suspended and therefore will no longer be able to be used to obtain a work permit.

For more information, or if you have any questions on how this immediate moratorium will impact your company or employees, please contact PricewaterhouseCoopers Immigration Law LLP

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