Temporary Foreign Workers Certified in Alberta Optional Trades Can Apply for Permanent Residence Directly to AINP

Posted by Donna Habsha|Canada Immigration
Mar 11

Effective immediately, skilled temporary foreign workers certified in Alberta’s optional trades can apply directly to the Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program (AINP) for permanent residency instead of having to apply with their employers.

There are currently fifty designated trades in Alberta. Of these, thirty one are in the optional trades (including occupations like roofer, tile setter, concrete finisher and cabinet maker). Nineteen occupations fall under compulsory trades (including occupations like welder, ironworker, gasfitter and plumber).

Before this change, workers in the optional trades applied for permanent residence with their employers. Workers in the compulsory trades had the option to apply either directly to AINP or with their employers.  Now candidates are no longer eligible to apply under the Employer-Driven Stream and must apply under the Strategic Recruitment Stream, Compulsory and Optional Trades Category requiring an “Alberta Qualification Certificate” (in many cases this means journeyman status) in both the compulsory and the optional trades. Previously this was not necessary if an employer was sponsoring. This may be a challenging obstacle for many. Cooks, painters, and carpenters may be particularly affected.

The federal government limits the number of people Alberta can nominate for permanent residence. In 2011, Alberta is allowed to nominate 5,000 people.

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