CIC to Speed Up Processing of Successful Family Class Appeals

Posted by Donna Habsha|Canada Immigration
May 11

One of the frustrations people who successfully appeal family class decisions to the Immigration Appeal Division (“IAD”) is the delay between when the IAD allows an appeal and when a mission abroad resumes processing. 

In response to this issue Citizenship and Immigration Canada  has introduced a pilot project. Following a successful appeal, the processing of a Family Class Application for a Permanent Residence Visa will no longer be sent back to the original embassy, but rather will resume at Case Processing Pilot – Ottawa (CPP-O).

The implementation of the pilot project will take place in two phases.

From now until September 2011, all successful family class appeals will be forwarded to CPP-O.  CPP-O will create a file, conduct security checks, and forward the file to the respective visa office for processing.

Starting in September, CPP-O will conduct security checks, and then triage the files into relatively low admissibility risk files and complex ones.  For relatively low risk files, CPP-O will process the entire file, and print the Confirmation of Permanent Residence.  Files that are identified as having complex admissibility issues will still be forwarded abroad.

These procedural changes will hopefully significantly reduce processing times following success at the IAD.

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