Canada: Procedural changes to Rehabilitation and Temporary Resident Permits (TRP) applications in US

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Jul 17

On August 1, 2017, procedural changes with respect to applications for rehabilitation and TRPs filed in the United States will come into effect. These procedural changes are as follows:

1. All Rehabilitation applications are to be sent to the visa office in New York (unless they form part of an application for permanent residence)

2. All TRP applications are to be sent to the visa office in Los Angeles (unless they form part of a work permit or temporary resident visa application that is being sent to New York)

After a brief grace period, applications sent to the wrong office will be forwarded to the correct office without notice, or returned to the sender.

Effective July 19, 2017, visa offices in the USA will only accept online payments for these applications. The PDF receipt must be included in the application package. Visa offices will continue to cash instruments “in the mail” which were issued prior to July 19, 2017, during a brief grace period.

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