Canada: Invitation to Land via Telephone Interview

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Nov 17

In brief:

Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) has introduced a new initiative to provide some permanent resident (PR) applicants with an opportunity to complete the landing process via telephone.


Commencing mid-November, IRCC rolled out a short-term pilot project which gives some PR applicants an opportunity to complete their landing process via telephone. This initiative has been extended to a select group of PR applicants via e-mail, with an option to provide their availability and preferred contact information. Telephone interviews may offer an efficient alternative to flag-poling at a Canada-U.S. land border, or scheduling an in-person landing interview with IRCC. This pilot project is expected to last for approximately three months. This landing alternative is not available for applicants who reside outside Canada.


This initiative will enable certain PR applicants to land as PRs in an efficient manner, which will especially benefit individuals who are in rural areas, far from a land border or an IRCC office.

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