Canada-India Immigration Numbers

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Jan 14

Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) has released a statement that Canada continues to be the destination of choice for visitors, students and business travelers from India.  Minister of State (Multiculturalism), Tim Uppal, said that “Canada and India share close people-to-people ties, which are demonstrated by the large numbers of Indians coming to Canada to work, study and visit.” CIC confirmed that between January and December 2013, 84,672 visitor visas were issued and 13,613 study permits were issued.

In addition, the Business Express Program (BEP), which has been in place since June 2008, is open to businesses invited by the High Commission, that have good immigration track records and who have a significant number of business visitors destined to Canada.   Businesses registered can submit visa applications through the facilitated process, which includes less paperwork, priority processing of visa applications, and a dedicated service to respond to the needs of those within the program. Between January and December 2013, 2,793 visas were issued under the BEP.

These numbers demonstrate Canada’s continued commitment to facilitating linkages with India in 2014. 

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