Canada: Flagpole Pilot Project Now in Effect

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Jun 17

In Brief

The Canada Border Services Agency (“CBSA”) has confirmed that the ‘Flagpole Pilot Project’ is now in full effect at certain land crossings in Southern Ontario.


Originally detailed in PwC Law’s Canadian immigration alert on May 2, 2017, the CBSA has confirmed that the Flagpole Pilot Project which prohibits flagpoling at certain land crossings in Southern Ontario during peak periods (i.e. Friday to Monday) is now in full effect.

The ports-of-entry affected by this Pilot Project include:

– Rainbow Bridge

– Queenston-Lewiston Bridge, and

– Fort Erie (Peace Bridge)

Any temporary residents of Canada who attempt to flagpole at these ports-of-entry during the blackout period may be granted re-entry to Canada on the basis of their current status or as a visitor and given the following options:

– Filing an inland extension or change of conditions application or scheduling a landing interview in Canada, or

– Returning to the port-of-entry at their convenience during non-peak periods (i.e. Tuesday to Thursday)


Any foreign nationals planning to flagpole at the ports-of-entry listed above between Friday and Monday should consider doing so between Tuesday and Thursday instead and/or consult with their legal counsel regarding alternatives.

For more information regarding this Pilot Project or any other immigration matter, please contact a member of our team at PwC Law LLP.

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