Canada: Changes made to the Start-up Visa Program

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Aug 17

In brief

On August 19, 2017, Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) published updates to the Start-up Visa Program.


These revisions have amended both the technical elements of the Start-up Visa Program as well as the list of designated entities.

A number of new entities have been added to the Designated Business Incubator list, the Designated Angel Investor Group list, and the Designated Venture Capital Funds list. Some entities previously included in these lists have now been removed.

In addition to the designated entities lists, further technical changes include the Minister’s ability to temporarily suspend an entity from the program upon giving notice, and updated review requirements against which to assess a designated entity’s commitment to an Applicant’s business. Further, deciding officers now hold the discretion to refuse to issue a permanent resident visa when they are of the opinion that the designated entity did not assess the Applicant’s business in a manner sufficient with industry standards. These changes will apply as of August 19, 2017.


While these changes are largely technical in nature and do not impact the initial eligibility requirements of the program, updates to the list of designated entities will ensure that those partners trusted with the authority to grant access to the start-up visa program represent those organizations with the requisite expertise and experience to do so. These new changes also impact the Minister and Minister’s delegates’ oversight of the program.

Based on these changes, prospective applicants to the Start-up Visa Program are advised to review the updated list of designated entities to ensure the organization with whom they wish to work remains designated for the purposes of the Program.

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