Spousal Sponsorships – Processing Times

May 12

The approval of a Spousal Sponsorship application is a two (2) step process.  The first step entails the approval of the sponsor.  If the sponsor is approved, the sponsorship application will move to the next phase, whereby a decision is made on the application itself.

Spousal Sponsorship applications can be made both inside and outside Canada.  According to the Citizenship and Immigration Canada website, the current processing times for applications made inside Canada are as follows:

Step 1- approximately 11 months

Step 2- approximately 8 months

For applications made outside Canada, the current processing times are as follows:

Step 1- 90 days

Step 2- varies from country to country

Please note that the timeframes on the CIC website should only be used as guidelines and the applications may take more or less time to process.

For more information on Spousal Sponsorships, please contact the PricewaterhouseCoopers Immigration Law LLP.

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