Irish Drivers’ Exchanging their License for a Canadian One

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Nov 14

On October 29, 2014 the Government of Canada entered into an agreement which allows Irish immigrants residing in Ontario to exchange their Irish driver’s license for a Canadian license.

Prior to this change, Irish drivers moving to Ontario started off as learner drivers and had to take the driving test to fully be licensed in Ontario. This agreement also allows for Ontario drivers moving to Ireland to swap their Canadian license for an Irish one.

This agreement will benefit individuals planning on moving from Ireland to Ontario in the future, as well as the large population of over 50,000 Irish born individuals living in Ontario.

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Protecting Canada’s Citizenship System

Posted by Pinaz Farzadi|Canada Immigration, Global Immigration
Nov 14

Canada is welcoming an average of a quarter million newcomers into the country each year since 2006. In response to the increase of immigration, the demand for citizenship has also increased by thirty percent.

To ensure a high level of integrity in Canada’s citizenship system, Canada’s Citizenship and Immigration Minister Chris Alexander notes that our Government is dedicated to protecting the system from fraud and abuse. Within the past year alone, Canada has retracted twenty-two individuals’ citizenship which were obtained through fraud and misrepresentation.

Changes to the Citizenship Act, including increased penalties for fraud, clearly identifying who is an authorized representative and refusing individuals at any point during the citizenship process, are just a few ways of protecting the citizenship system. Individuals that are dual citizens can also have their Canadian citizenship revoked if they are convicted of serious crimes, through the Citizenship Act.

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