Croatian Citizens No Longer Require Temporary Resident Visas To Enter Canada

Posted by Melodie Hughes|Global Immigration
Mar 09

– Effective March 29, 2009

On March 29, 2009, Jason Kenney, Minister for Citizenship, Immigration and Multiculturalism announced that effective immediately visitors from Croatia will no longer be required to obtain a  temporary resident visa before traveling.

Previously, all citizens of the former Yugoslavia (including Croatia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Kosovo, Serbia and Montenegro and Macedonia) have been required to undergo additional measures to obtain a temporary resident visa before traveling to Canada, including filling out an additional application form concerning military background and history – a form that is not typically required for citizens of other countries.

Now, as visa-exempt nationals, Croatians may travel to Canada without first applying for a visa from the Canadian Embassy. Upon arrival in Canada, immigration officials at the port of entry will determine eligibility to enter and determine how long the applicant may remain in Canada. Visitors who do not require a visa may stay for a maximum of six months in Canada, unless advised otherwise.

This comes as welcome news to companies seeking to hire or relocate Croatian citizen employees to Canada in a short timeframe. As temporary resident visas no longer need to be obtained, these
employees should be able to apply for their work permit directly at the border or airport upon arrival in Canada for stays of less than 6 months.

By law, all visitors to Canada require a temporary resident visa, except citizens of countries where an exemption has been granted. For a complete list of countries and territories whose citizens require a visa, please visit CIC’s website.

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New Online Work in Canada Resource Established To Assist Canadian Immigrants

Posted by Janet Bomza|Canada Immigration
Mar 09

New online “Work in Canada” resource established to assist Canadian immigrants and prospective immigrant to find employment in Canada faster.

A new online resource to help Canadian immigrants and prospective immigrants to find employment in their field and to integrate more easily into the Canadian labour market has just recently been created  by the Foreign Credential Referral Office (FCRO) and is  now available at:

According to Citizenship, Immigration, and Multiculturalism Canada (CIMC) Minister Jason Kenney, "Each year, thousands of skilled newcomers arrive in Canada.  It is in their interest, and in Canada’s interest, to do everything we can to help them put their skills to work here as soon as possible once they arrive. This is one more tool to help them obtain the greatest benefit from their experience and education."

This new workbook is available to individuals both in Canada and overseas. Using a step-by-step approach, it includes information regarding how to find employment in Canada, how to get work and education credentials assessed, and how to become certified, licensed, or registered to work in Canada in a particular occupation.  Information about settlement organizations and language services is also provided.

Read More About the Work in Canada Resource

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Immigration Minister Jason Kenney to Reduce Immigration Numbers

Posted by Veronica Zanfir|Canada Immigration
Mar 09

In late February 2009 Immigration Minister Jason Kenney indicated that his department is currently assessing how and when it can limit the numbers of applicants for Canadian work permits and Canadian permanent residence.

Liberal Jim Karygiannis indicated of the announcement: “They are going to cut back. They are going to cut back massively…This government is not a government that is pro-immigrant."

Olivia Chow, Member of Parliament and NDP critic, suggested that the number of persons applying for temporary work permits for Canada should be reduced: “In these economic hard times we should not have temporary foreign workers coming in, driving down Canadian workers’ salaries."

With respect to refugee claims, Mr. Kenney also indicated that there has bee an increase in waiting times to process refugee claims because fraudulent refugee claims are clogging up the system. In the case of Mexico, for example, 90% of refugee claims are rejected.

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